Who am i?

I am one of those somewhat rare creatures who are equally comfortable with design/creativity/communication and IT/science. I am a nerdy creative. I have lived and worked in a number of countries and in 2015 moved to Coffs Harbour.

Most recently I joined Chameleon Software as the learning manager. My first task is to give the online help site a makeover and then develop an e-learning program.


Prior to this I created content at Janison, a regionally-based company that designs and delivers cloud-based Learning Management Systems internationally. My work involved technical writing, infographics development and e-learning creation.

A particular focus was the creation of the company's new help site. I am passionate about communication (in all its forms), customer service and user experience.

In my space time I am teaching myself electronics and exploring the creative and innovative possibilities of Arduino-based devices

Prior to Janison, I lectured in Media Design at James Cook Uni in Townsville. I taught a broad range of design subjects: interactive, web, graphic, animation, publication and information design. I am currently an Adjunct Lecturer at JCU .

As the interactive diagram on my home page suggested, I stand at the intersection of four disciplines: design and IT, art and science. This has not always been easy, as these have often been considered to be quite separate from each other.

I am comfortable with technology and love writing code – building solutions and resolving software bugs – especially when there's an interactive and/or animated, audiovisual outcome. And I love creative work: everything from developing solutions for design problems to creating solo or collaborative artistic works. My scientific training forms a lifelong foundation to all this.

I'm experienced with integrating these disciplines in projects that combine, for example, design and IT, or science and communication. I have worked alone, collaboratively or as a project manager. Having taught at a range of levels, studied and supervised PhD students, I have developed skills in research, grant writing, communication, pedagogy, online education and clear, coherent writing and presentation skills. More generally, I can capably produce many forms of communication: written, verbal, visual, audiovisual, interactive, and so on.

Thus, I label myself an (award-winning) designer, programmer, educator, animator, artist and biological scientist. I have recently returned to industry after a number of years as an academic and designer/artist in the digital media/new media area. I have also worked in hospitals and the IT /media industries in a number of cultures: Australia, America and the Middle East.

I first started as a biochemist before retraining in IT when this was a small and relatively unpopular field. Later, I linked programming with creative work and was again amongst international pioneers, this time in 3D computer animation, digital art and interactive multimedia. I have participated in a period of tremendous IT growth, which show no signs of slowing down.

In the 90s I became interested in what is now called User Experience, linking integrationism, a theory of language and human communication, with human-computer interaction. My internationally successful CD-ROM, Postcard From Tunis, artistically expressed integrationist theory and extended it into human-computer interaction, as my PhD thesis explains. I continue to be involved with this challenging theoretical approach. Later, I designed and programmed the interactive artwork Postcards From Writing to offer an accessible introduction to and experience of the theory. I was awarded a New Media Arts Fellowship from the Australia Council in 1999.

My 2014 projects included teaching myself to write apps: my app-in-progress visualises Year 7 math using chocolate. I also tackled Arduino and LilyPad microcomputers, commencing at my ZigZag Electronic Lab residency where I created a piece of wearable technology, The Shrimp.

A previous artwork in 2013 was an exhibition with two others, On Medication, that investigated the experience of being on medication. And as part of coming to grips with the tropical experience, I wrote a paper studying creativity in the tropics and made an animated web work where I encounter a number of tropical hazards.

Previous artworks include Ephemeron, an interactive audiovisual sculpture, collaboratively-developed with artists in four countries as part of eMobilArt. A much earlier work, Dream House, was a pioneering 3D computer animated film, the first Australian entry selected for SIGGRAPH (1984) in the USA.