» chocolate math app 2014

This is still a work-in-progress and it doesnt have a name yet



The app is designed for kids studying at around Year 7 math level who need to comprehend decimals, percentages and fractions and to convert between them.

The app interactively visualises decimals, percentages and fractions using a bar of chocolate with 10 squares. It also offers a quiz/game.

The initial design is for small mobile devices (iphones, etc). This will soon be extended for tablet-size devices. I developed it using HTML5/CSS3, JQuery Mobile and Javascript, with assistance from Stack Overflow and a little chocolate. The final stage will be to convert it into apps using PhoneGap and make them available for direct download.

FEEDBACK IS VERY WELCOME! You can run it on (almost) any internet-linked device: phones, tablets, computers. It is not correctly responsive to your browser window size yet.